Container Gardening – How to Grow Vegetables in Pots

Whether you’re planning to grow a small kitchen herb garden, or to produce enough food to feed your family, containers can add the flexibility which helps make your garden a success this year.

Growing in containers is very popular, and the variety of containers available is constantly improving, but it’s important to understand the different approaches required to produce a successful container garden.

In this video, we demonstrate techniques to ensure that the plants you grow in containers stay healthy, and explain the most important factors to consider when planning where and when to use containers successfully in your garden.

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Why Select Silicone Cookware for Baking

Silicone is an excellent approach to supply a nonstick baking surface that’s actually nonstick. Although many people might think differently, silicone helps spread heat more uniformly. When baking muffins or cupcakes, silicone bakeware is much easier to handle merely because you simply just pop the muffins or the cakes out. To add fun into baking, try silicone cupcake liners that come in numerous shapes. Whichever silicone bakeware you decide on, make sure that it’s authorised by the FDA.

Scrabble dictionary grows to include hip-hop and web words UK publisher Collins has added 3,000 new entries to its list of playable Scrabble words, including more slang terms. Among them are Hip Hop influenced words like “thang,” “blingy” and “grrl.” Internet buzzwords like “Facebook,” “fansite” and “webzine” also made the list. Scrabble has long been considered an intellectual’s game, and some purists see the changes as a “dumbing down.” One can’t help but wonder what the next edition of the Scrabble dictionary will include. 

What Color is Your Lens? by Dr. Wendy Kaveney

Author: unite4women

What did you think of when you read the title? Maybe you thought about all the wonderful pictures you take on your summer vacation and the vibrant colors through the lens in which you shoot those pictures. That is not what I am writing about here.

Have you ever noticed that when two or more people go through a similar situation or experience that each one has their own experience? This is a month where many go on vacations and having a variety of experiences on these trips. Let’s take for instance, a camping trip. Everyone is going to have a fantastic time, right?

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios. Let’s say it is a family; mom, dad, a boy and a girl on this camping trip/vacation. Dad has been busy getting everything together for the trip that has to do with the actual camping part; tent, sleeping bags, campfire equipment, fishing poles, etc. Mom; she has been planning meals, purchasing food, insuring everyone has the proper clothes, food, and necessities. The boy he has been planning the fishing, how big of fish he is going to catch, hiking and spending time with his dad are all very exciting to him. The girl doesn’t really want to leave her friends, social media, etc. and be in the dirty camping grounds without a blow drier, proper shower and such.

So as of right now who is going to have a great vacation? Which “Lens” is each of them looking through?

If I were to guess, I would say dad is looking forward to being outside in nature, fishing, cooking, hiking with his family and enjoying every minute of it. The boy probably has a pretty similar lens as dad except not wanting to spend a lot of time with his annoying sister.

The mom is happy that her family is going to be together and looks forward to being outside in fresh air away from TV, Phones, work and to get some hiking in and taking some great shots of nature and her family with her camera.  The girl is going to try to make the best of it but would have preferred to go to a theme park and lay by a pool where she could stay in touch with friends and social media and who knows even meet a cute boy.

So what is the lens each of them are looking through? Each has a preconceived notion as to how the trip is going to be. What they will be doing and experiencing…so each has potentially a different lens color, right?

We have probably all heard of rose colored glasses. That is where everything through that particular lens looks rosy. It could also be said to have an optimistic outlook. It is the perspective in which we view the world and our role in it. So what does perspective mean?

The dictionary states it means; a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. A few synonyms: outlook, viewpoint, point of view, standpoint, position, stance, interpretation.

It means that our viewpoint or our perspective influences how we will experience various events. Going back to the camping vacation…can you deduce what perspective each of them have regarding the trip? Do you think that the more positive the perspective the more positive the experience?

Is it possible that our perspective regarding something will have a definite effect on what we experience? Whoa, going kind of deep. Could we be so brave as to say our thoughts then create our reality? OKAY now, just hold the phone! We don’t want to take responsibility for our life let alone admit that our thoughts or perspective have had anything to do with it!

As don Miguel Ruiz Jr. states, “there are seven billion people living in our world, and so there are seven billion different points of view. If we each insisted that only our point of view is valid, then we would also have seven billion clashes in our world.”

In order for all of us to live our most extraordinary lives and in harmony with others, we have to take responsibility for our own thoughts, perspectives and lives. When we view the world from our perspective that is normal, after all it is the best view possible otherwise it wouldn’t be “our perspective,” right?

If we thought there was a better perspective or an enhanced way to think about things we would probably do that. The problems ensue when we think only our way is the right way! What if each of us was right? Actually we are. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” 

Would we rather be right in the way of, “I think I can?” I know I would. If our thoughts create our reality…what are we thinking? Are there areas in our life that we could look for an enhanced way to view it? Maybe look at it from another perspective? Do you think that it would change anything?

I for one, I am willing to try it on for size. If I don’t like what is happening in my life around a certain circumstance, I am committing to changing the way I look at it. I will put on another pair of glasses, with a different color of lens. Maybe it will be rosy or maybe just different enough for me to view it in a new light…one that will make me happy.

There is saying I heard once and put into practice daily, would you rather be happy or right? Today I choose to look through the lens color that brings me happiness! What do you choose?

What color is your lens?

meet Dr. Wendy

Author: unite4women


Author: tomasorban

Inspired man alone can create enduring things. To create we must first conceive.
To conceive we must stop thinking and KNOW. All sensing must cease. There is no power in thinking. Thinking but expresses the power which lies in knowing. We must project our Selves into the still Light of knowing to commune with God. We must become one with God to conceive idea in order to produce the form of that idea. A concept must precede its manifestation in form.
The culture of the entire race is given to it by the few inspired ones who know God in them. They alone know immortality.
The art of civilization long outlives the civilization. The pyramids of Egypt still speak of the creation of a race which is long gone from the face of the earth. The sculptural and architectural beauty of Greece still tell us of a type of creative genius which has never been excelled. The great in the arts are best.”Art alone endures. All else passes.”
Great art can be created only by working moment by moment with God as co-creator. When man and God thus work together they commune one with the other as One Person. The language of their communion is the language of Light which man calls “inspiration.”.
When man works alone, his works are as the winds which blow. When man works with God as co-creator, his works are forever enduring.
Ever great genius manifests this law: that he is One with the God-Mind, that God in him is the source of every thought and that he is inspired by that omniscience and omnipotence within him which make his work enduring.

“All knowledge existeth. All knowledge cometh to man in its season. Cosmic messengers periodically give to man such knowledge of My cosmos as man is able to comprehend, but that which he can bear is like unto a thimbleful out of the mighty ocean, for man is but beginning to comprehend.
“when man knoweth Light then he will know no limitations, but man must know the Light for himself and none there can be who can make words of it, for Light knoweth Light and there need be no words.”
From—-The Divine Iliad

:::Walter Russell – The secret of Light:::

Author: tomasorban